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13-Dec-2016 18:07

The binding uses the old “U spring” vertical release system that engineers have told me they “wished would just go away,” but persists because it allows building a light simple “beautiful” binding.

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The more important aspects of a tech binding are 1) How it skis in real life with attention to skiing unlocked without pre-release, 2) How durable, re consumer testing, 3)how it behaves on the workbench and carpet in “safety” release checks, 4)awareness that “classic” tech bindings most certainly do not have the performance of modern alpine bindings in terms of protection from lower leg fractures, as well as elasticity/retention.The Khion boot is an entirely new model that may fit nicely in the 4-buckle lightweight-but-stiff arena that few boots can survive. Here at press event, you should have seen the photographers hovering around this thing, it looked like Angelina J. Hilarious to see the powers-that-be in backcountry skiing journalism virtually ignoring the latest engineering and fawning over 20-year-old technology. I could see shimming front of binding up 3 millimeters, in that case the boot would be quite flat at the lowest heel position.Claim is the new shoe “combines the rigidity and support of an alpine downhill boot with the comfort and lightness of a modern ski touring boot.” Yeah, you’ve heard that before, and these days that dream does sometimes become reality. Officially the binding has only two heel lift positions.In our view this continues to be a positive process for the tech binding industry, as the boot fittings are as much a part of a tech binding as the machinery bolted to your skis.

This is only a step, however, as ultimately the boot fittings should be standardized “officially” and anyone who has the wherewithal to make them in compliance with the standard should be able to do so.How all the above factors influence us in real life will hopefully be studied some day.