Carbon dating art forgery

20-May-2017 12:36

If it really is a Leonardo, it could be worth a hundred million dollars.But first, you would have to prove it's authentic,…Carbon comes in many forms, including a radioactive type called carbon-14. After they die, the amount of carbon-14 in their bodies begins to decay at a predictable rate.

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When it comes to a work of art, what does proof mean? But Silverman faces a formidable challenge; the art critics are deeply divided.So, all the time, you're sort of pulling down and saying, "Hold on a minute," you know. Don't get there." They will ask you, "Why do you think that it could be a Leonardo? Cappuzzo takes a sample from the portrait to have its age determined through a process known as carbon-14 dating.All plants absorb carbon atoms from the atmosphere.One of the items is an unusual piece: a profile of a young woman, drawn in chalk, on stretched animal skin, known as vellum, and glued to an oak panel. Christie's lists it as a German work from the early 19th century. Back in Paris, Silverman begins to show off his latest purchase.

Art collector Peter Silverman has flown to New York, from Paris, to be in town for the sale. It's wrapped up in an envelope, and you put it under your arm, and you walk away with it, just like in the department store. Some art experts who see it say the work is unusual and probably is genuine Renaissance.

How did cutting-edge imaging analysis help tie the portrait to Leonardo?

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