Capriati dating dale

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Burned out and spiraling out of control like so many child stars before her, Capriati entered a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility shortly after her arrest.Which, in hindsight, wasn't a good thing."It was almost paparazzi-like, when she first came onto the scene," said Pam Shriver, now an ESPN analyst who reached the U. There were a lot of adults who couldn't handle that pressure, that's just tough for a young person, especially someone going through adolescence and she fell off the rail."Hard.In 1992, Capriati defeated Steffi Graf to win gold at the Olympics.Capriati wanted her father, who was also her coach, present. The next year Capriati was dating a porn star by the name Dale Da Bone. No matter how hard you fight, they just never seem to go away.

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She also wanted to practice with her father after the official team practice was over. Which is why the trick to survival isn't defeating your demons, it's never giving up the fight.Jennifer has had a couple of good and some very bad days in her life especially related to her anger issues, she was ordered community service for attacking her Ex-boyfriend but later resolved the issues.