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Spears has made a number of appearances on TV shows, and designed a limited edition clothing line for Candies. I Read That Britney Spears Was Only Worth Million!?

In September 2014, an article on's homepage created a lot of confusion by stating that according to court documents "Spears has a net worth of slightly more than million, almost million in cash and the rest in real estate." Unfortunately, what this article failed to mention is that million is just the value of the assets under conservatorship with her father.

Roughly five and a half years ago, a chunk of Britney's current and future finances were placed in a trust that is controlled by her father.

This happened back when Britney was in the midst of a major public head-shaving meltdown in order to preserve at least a some of her wealth going forward.

Britney Spears has sold over 100 million records worldwide to date.

Spears has also dabbled in the world of acting have landed a starring role in the 2002 film "Crossroads" She also starred in the reality series "Britney & Kevin: Chaotic" with then husband Kevin Federline in 2005.Britney Spears has been looking great lately, but she's definitely had some Botox injections to help her along.