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Her giving heart would prompt her to clean out her refrigerator and freezer at least once a month to help someone in need.She and her husband were a great team, he would do all the heavy lifting, hauling, building, and pouring of concrete and brick laying to help a needy family.I.5 Group; The Countless People2 June 1966: The Birds; Robb Chance and The Chances-R11 June 1966: The Fairies; The Rampant16 June 1966: The Yardbirds; The Timechecks25 June 1966: The Quiet Five; The Peoples People9 July 1966: The Symbols; Chapter 414 July 1966: The Troggs; Take Five23 July 1966: The Yes and No; The Earth Angels28 July 1966: The Bunch; The Ides Of March6 August 1966: The Syn; The Shakedown Sound11 August 1966: The Pretty Things; The 1st Lites20 August 1966: The Game; Rob Chance and The Chances-R25 August 1966: The Mojos; The Crusaders3 September 1966: The Panics; Bobby Euston and The Klick8 September 1966: Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames; The Time17 September 1966: The Monopoly; The Footprints22 September 1966: Chris Farlowe and The Thunderbirds; The Impacts1 October 1966: The Majority; The Klick6 October 1966: The Nashville Teens; The Meddy Evils15 October 1966: The Marmalade; The Emotions4 November 1966: The Mindbenders; The Nightshift17 November 1966: The Small Faces; The 1st Lites1 December 1966: Manfred Mann; Chapter IV; The Footprints15 December 1966: Catman and Robin; The Mohill Mob; The Meddy Evils; The Blue Chords24 December 1966: Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich; The Academy30 December 1966: The Birds; The Ides Of March31 December 1966: The Soundring; The X-Its21 January 1967: The Academy26 January 1967: The Move; The Soul Foundation4 February 1967: Shades Of Blue; Three’s Company9 February 1967: Cream; Just Us17 February 1967: Rob Chance and The Chances-R; Ronnie Rife and his Orchestra18 February 1967: The Uglys; The Living Thrust23 February 1967: The Action; Systems Go2 March 1967: Jimmy James and The Vagabonds; The Gordon Riots10 March 1967: The Artwoods; Five Alive; Just Us16 March 1967: The Impacts23 March 1967: Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band; The 1st Lites5 April 1967: Adge Cutler and The Wurzels; Norman Beaton; Lindsay Dear; The Alligator Jug Thumpers; Bev and Rich Dewar; Fred Wedlock; Shirley Collins6 April 1967: Pink Floyd; The Nightshift15 April 1967: The Herd; The Forbidden Fruit20 April 1967: Herbie Goins and The Night Timers; The Satin Dolls; Chances-R with Rob Chance: Wynder K Frogg; The Quik: The Pretty Things; The Chapter IV: Bluesbenders; Cellars Of Sound; Just Us; The Nightshift: The Pretty Things; The Talismen1 June 1967: Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band; The Combustion10 June 1967: The Love Affair; The Change15 June 1967: Jimmy James and The Vagabonds; The Life24 June 1967: The Nite People; The Ides of March8 July 1967: Information; The Forbidden Fruit13 July 1967: The Alan Bown Set; The Promise29 July 1967: Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich; The Chances-R3 August 1967: Adge Cutler and The Wurzels; Lindsay Dear; The Alligator Jug Thumpers; Bev and Rich Dewar; Derek Brimstone5 August 1967: The Peter Madsen Band; Tommy Kaye10 August 1967: The Coloured Raisins featuring The King Ossie Show with Honey Darling19 August 1967: The Peter Madsen Band24 August 1967: Herbie Goins and The Nighttimers; The Satin Dolls; The Brothers Bung2 September 1967: The Lemantis Five; Tommy Kaye7 September 1967: Chris Shakespeare Movement; The Brothers Bung; The Talismen; The Life; Tommy Kaye; Happening; A Dream16 September 1967: One In A Million; Tommy Kaye and his Soul Box21 September 1967: Simon Dupree and The Big Sound; The Unruly Members30 September 1967: Hamilton and The Movement; The Jigsaw; Dave Jay5 October 1967: Rupert’s People; Omega Plus14 October 1967: The Maze; Bob Deene28 October 1967: The Nervous System; The Brothers Bung; Bob Deene11 November 1967: The Soul Foundation; Forbidden Fruit16 November 1967: The Bee Gees; The Life30 November 1967: The Jeff Beck Group; The Change14 December 1967: The Power; The Cavaliers23 December 1967: Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich; The Jigsaw28 December 1967: The Fireballs; The Cavaliers6 January 1968: Rudie and Sam and The Jamaican All Stars; The Bossmen11 January 1968: The Unruly Members20 January 1968: Traffic; The Cavaliers25 January 1968: The Pandas17 February 1968: The Coloured Raisins; The Freddy Mac Show; Honey Darling: Simon Dupree and The Big Sound; Mr Hip Soul Band13 June 1968: The Herd; The Emotions8 August 1968: Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band; The Emotions; DJ Kazoon: Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich; Aquarius; Tommy Kaye1 July 1969: Steamhammer; Aardvark; Failed Heritage24 July 1969: The Equals25 September 1970: Caravan; Jackson Heights1 June 1971: The Pretty Things; The Pink Fairies30 September 1971: Rory Gallagher7 November 1971: Van Der Graaf Generator; Genesis21 December 1971: Led Zeppelin14 January 1972: Atomic Rooster; Nazareth8 February 1972: Status Quo; Paul Brett’s Sage16 February 1972: Free19 April 1972: Wishbone Ash: Uriah Heep24 June 1972: Van Der Graaf Generator14 July 1972: Roxy Music18 August 1972: East Of Eden27 October 1972: Stackridge26 January 1973: Blackfoot Sue29 March 1973: The Sweet14 June 1973: David Bowie17 July 1973: Hawkwind11 December 1973: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band21 August 1974: Tangerine Dream22 January 1975: Barclay James Harvest; Julian Brook8 April 1975: Manfred Mann’s Earthband; Clancy: Love1 July 1977: The Pat Travers Band; Doctors of Madness: The Pirates; Sixteen24 October 1978: XTC; Push20 December 1979: The Stillettos26 February 1981: Diamond Head17 September 1981: Showaddywaddy8 February 1982: Showaddywaddy15 July 1983: Big Country19 November 1987 (Alamein Suite): The Groove Farm; The Mayfields; The Phenobarbitones28 January 1988 (Alamein Suite): 14 Iced Bears28 April 1988 (Alamein Suite): The Rosehip; Mega City Four; The Mayfields; Jane From Occupied Europe16 September 1988 (Foyer): Blow Up; Jane From Occupied Europe10 November 1988 (Foyer): The Jazz Butcher; Farley 7084 June 1989: Hawkwind13 September 1989: Toyah: Dr Feelgood; The Hamsters8 April 1993: Toyah14 December 1997: Fish22 January 1998: Richard Thompson7 June 1998: Jools Holland26 August 1998: Supergrass19 November 1998: The Stranglers4 March 1999: The Hollies: Marc Almond22 November 1999: Morrissey: Gene Pitney23 June 2000: John Martyn4 August 2000: Kate Rusby13 October 2000: Julian Cope25 June 2001: Suzanne Vega3 July 2001: Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings13 December 2001: Canned Heat; Dr Feelgood; John Otway; The Kursaal Flyers13 March 2002: Billy Bragg and The Blokes22 April 2002: Hank Marvin20 June 2002: Wheatus4 July 2002: Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings1 September 2002: The Damned; The Inbreds; Diamond Dogz6 October 2002: Roy Harper27 November 2002: John Mayall28 November 2002: Bob Geldof16 December 2002: Steeleye Span12 March 2003: The Levellers29 April 2003: Buzzcocks27 June 2003: Suzanne Vega26 September 2003: Kate Rusby6 October 2003: Stiff Little Fingers; The Almighty Inbredz21 October 2003: The Proclaimers23 October 2003: Level 4225 March 2004: The Levellers5 April 2004: Super Furry Animals20 April 2004: Hawkwind1 June 2004: Richard Thompson10 December 2004: The Damned; Four Foot Fingers5 March 2005: Electric Six10 April 2005: The Levellers: John Martyn; Ian Mc Nabb5 July 2005: Suzanne Vega7 October 2005: Alabama 34 November 2005: Van Morrison20 November 2005: Kate Rusby23 November 2005: The Proclaimers23 March 2006: Gene Pitney1 June 2006: Billy Bragg; Seth Lakeman21 October 2006: Stiff Little Fingers1 April 2007: Jethro Tull25 April 2007: The Levellers; 3 Daft Monkeys: Billy Bragg (Talk)28 October 2007: Yazz14 March 2008: Solid Silver 60s Show: Gerry and The Pacemakers; Dave Berry; Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich; The Swingin’ Blue Jeans15 April 2008: Jethro Tull25 April 2008: Seth Lakeman; Ruarri Joseph3 June 2008: Supergrass; The Days; Futs Lung5 February 2009: Richard Tompson27 February 2009: The Blues Band28 February 2009: Kate Rusby1 March 2009: Billy Ocean5 March 2009: The Hollies13 March 2009: Solid Silver 60s Show: The Searchers; Wayne Fontana; The Merseybeats; John Walker Date TBC: 197? : Leo Sayer Date TBC: 1978: The Stranglers Date TBC: 1978: Wild Horses; The Kitchens Date TBC: 1981: Restaurant For Dogs Date TBC: September 1981: Hazel O’Connor Date TBC: 1982?: The Real Thing Date TBC: 1987: Dr and The Medics Date TBC: 2004: The Stranglers Date TBC: Mud Date TBC: Judie Tzuke (more than once)20 March 1970: Uriah Heep2 October 1976: Lamplight16 March 1977: The Pink Fairies; Blue Angel5 March 1978: The Boyfriends; Advertising (NB: Possibly Cancelled)22 September 1978: Adam And The Ants; Glaxo Babies; The Screens25 November 1978: Here & Now20 December 1978: The Bishops (NB: Cancelled)22 March 1979: Thieves Like Us27 March 1980 (Common Room): The Wait; The Kitchens25 April 1980 (Common Room): Animals and Men; Moskow (NB: Cancelled)10 October 1980: Supercharge; Program (NB: Punishment Of Luxury were originally billed as headliners of this show)18 December 1980: Bad Manners; The Snacks13 November 1981: Wasted Youth; Gettysburg Address15 October 1982: B-Movie14 January 1983: Jo Boxers25 April 1983: Chelsea; Last Orders23 November 1984: New Model Army; Last Orders25 June 1988: Razorcuts; The Mayfields; Jane From Occupied Europe13 March 1992: Manic Street Preachers Date TBC: 197? ury -Salisbury served a mormon mission in 1988 to Toronto Canada.After his mission, He was later let go from BYU for "not living the church standards", and lost his full scholarship.-He decided to attended the University of Oregon where he was injured with a sports hernia and played only 5 games in the Pac-10 where his performance was at best, mediocre.

As this larger than life woman passed in our presence with the family gathered around her bed, all of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren witnessed her passing so peacefully as she took her last breath.

Together they touched thousands of people everywhere they went.

They had their 50th wedding anniversary in Israel, where Pastor John Hobbs remarried them in the Upper Room.

If Northern Ireland are to make it to a second-successive major tournament then they will have to do so the hard way.

Judged on group-stage performances, Switzerland were the best of the eight group runners-up in the playoffs and that is backed up by Fifa, who rank the Swiss the highest of those eight nations.

She had a heart for children’s ministry, taught Sunday school for over 47 years, taught drama class, and designed costumes for many biblical plays.

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