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Since the meeting extended passed my phone interview deadline, I vamoosed into Cake Love–the acclaimed cupcake store owned by Warren Brown, from Food Network’s “Sugar Rush.“–and ensconced myself into the back corridors for some peace and quiet. Right below are select questions and excerpts from my exclusive interview.Inside, I steadied my hands, face and body before I dialed Brendan Fehr. BF: Yeah, I still get recognition every once in awhile. Like, I get recognized a lot in New York City for playing the character but I get more recognition for my character on CSI: Miami on golf courses in the West Coast. I definitely keep in touch with Nick (Actor Nick Wechsler, played Kyle Valenti, currently plays Jack Porter on “Revenge”).Season 2 aired in midseason 2015, with Season 3 returning to summer this year.The show produced 8 episodes in Season 1, 14 in Season 2, 13 in Season 3, with the same order expected for Season 4.Jay enjoys the company, albeit on-radio, and respects the people who tune in.This movie has well-defined characters that highlight these quirky traits. I play the straight man, the linchpin, and he plays the goofy guy. We hang out often too, outside the set, since he’s a really cool guy.He often finds himself comfortable with headphones and with telephones than being in real life.He excels more at being a radio jockey than at partaking in real life interactions.

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I had to remind myself, on innumerable occasions, that I’m an adult after all.

It’s infrequent but I can easily call her up for dinner parties.

Our kids even had a few play dates recently and it was great catching up with her whenever we see each other.

Brendan Fehr, who played Michael Gueren on the defunct alien show “Roswell,” was much larger than life when I was in middle school.

Not only was “Roswell” my most fave show of all time but Brendan’s character always made me LOL, especially during season 3 when his character obsessed over Snapple.comes back for a fourth season, it will be without original cast member Ken Leung.