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10-Dec-2016 22:15

Data thinks he can use her amniotic fluid to synthesize a retrovirus.However, Worf—who is a massive proto-Klingon with an exoskeleton—is trying to break into sickbay to get at Troi.Ogawa has to put the doctor in stasis before the venom paralyzes her.Worf escapes, and they can’t find him, but he’s spewing acid all over the ship, which is damaging several systems.They go to engineering, where Barclay has transformed into an arachnid and covered engineering in webbing.Once that’s done, they locate Ogawa, who has turned into a simian, but whose embryo is unaffected.

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Since this might take a few days, Data leaves Spot with Barclay in case the cat gives birth.They find reptilian skin that has been shedded during molting—but it’s human shaped.

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Keep in mind: these “simple” sections are where people feel most comfortable telling little white lies. When you meet someone on a first date you don’t want their first thought to be “they lied to me”. If you are unnecessarily, it will lower your match score with other singles for no good reason.… continue reading »

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