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(Cooper was also given a production credit.) was Todd Phillips' opportunity to prove that he can make a movie that's worthwhile and about something. You've got potentially great subject matter that's based on actual events, and it's been turned into a bland, formulaic, and unfunny dudebro dramedy.It's filled with unlikable and boring individuals doing stupid things because they're greedy.That's been taken and heavily fictionalized to give us the movie. Cite the case of a perfectly accurate-to-life biopic.Real life doesn't usually adapt well to film, unless you're making a documentary - and even then, sometimes not.Teller can turn in a good performance when motivated, but comes across as very unlikable if he isn't.Here, he's supposed to serve as the "good" one of the two men, as well as give the film some heart, and can't effectively do either.When the big fish came around, of course they had to go after it. Haven't you seen enough rise-and-fall narratives to know that?, written by Guy Lawson, which detailed their story.

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It takes the baseline rags-to-riches-to-rags storyline and rarely deviates.They're greedy, insufferable, and they do a lot of drugs. But Todd Phillips isn't the type of director who wants to explore people or investigate issues.He caters to an audience, keeps things light, and hopes we're having as much fun as the main characters. Evidently - judging by the success of many of his movies - there's an audience for that.In the meantime, check out the trailer from the 1976 version starring Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.

After Paramount laid out a bunch of release dates yesterday, Warner Bros.

After a long time percolating, the remake of “A Star Is Born” starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga has been given the go ahead by Warner Bros.