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It was only guys like Jean-Georges [Vongerichten] or [David] Bouley or Rocco Di Spirito who partied with models,” he says.“Now the field has been opened.” Jonathan Waxman, who was one of the first celebrity chefs in the ’80s and just opened Jams in Midtown’s 1 Hotel, agrees.“We drank and had sex in the back of the restaurant! She’s been back a few times, but the boyfriend wrote a nasty review on Yelp.” While some of the big-name chefs in the ’80s and ’90s had crazed fans, Daley says it’s different now.“When I was young, I cooked and smelled like food, and I couldn’t get anyone to talk to me.“I’m terribly picky, but I would date a chef because I’d like someone to expand my horizons,” said Shanna’s friend, Melissa Getlen, 32, a producer who lives near Gramercy Park. ” In these food-obsessed, dinner-Instagramming times, chefs are clearly the new rock stars — and they now have the groupies to go with their celeb status.Women erupt in shrieks upon seeing their culinary crushes, get busy with sushi gods in restaurant kitchens, and hop naked into hot tubs with celeb chef and global brand Todd English — as three young lovelies did last year.“It’s like being inside the eye of a hurricane, but I take things in stride,” smiles the chef.

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Restaurateur John De Lucie, whose clubby spots include Bill’s Food and Drink in Midtown and the Lion in the West Village, had a strange encounter with a superfan on a flight.“The other night a woman said to the server, ‘After the meal we just had, if the chef came out, I’d have sex with him in front of my husband! “Then the husband said, ‘After that meal, I wouldn’t mind watching!Position-Shift allows people to shift their public geolocation to protect their privacy and security while on a smart-phone or social network.“A woman on my plane started screaming, ‘It’s John, it’s John! “I looked around to see who it was, and so did everyone else. ’ ” “Sometimes it’s really great and sometimes it’s not so great,” Waxman says of all the attention.

“The other day I took my son to the movies, and when I went to the bathroom, a guy in the next urinal leaned over and said, ‘Hey, aren’t you Jonathan Waxman?“She was very flirtatious and said, ‘Let me cook with you — I promise it will be fun,’ ” Creger says. I thought it was brave of her, but a little strange at the same time.

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