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03-Dec-2016 20:21

In fact, most of the girls performing on cam are foreign, especially from latin american countries such as Venezuela, Brasil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico as well as eastern europeean countries.

Girls in this countries are finding that becoming a webcam model requires less work and pays much better than an 9 to 5 job.

If the idea of becoming a webcam model appeals to you and you would like to learn what it takes to become one, keep on reading.

In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know on becoming a successful cam girl (or cam guy), and we'll tackle some of the most common fears and concerns people have coming into this industry. [Almost] anybody with a webcam and a relatively fast internet connection can start broadcasting themselves and making mountains of money.

Tease the slowly, and dont give away anything for free.

Tease the incrementally and they will want to see more, that is when they will start tipping you. Remember your work will be talking and teasing horny men. Each of the webcam sites has slightly different rules and compensation models.

Make yourself the center of attention, of course, you are the prize.

But dont forget about your surroundings; make sure you are recording in a attractive room.

Majority of these actually suck, which is why you need to know some sites that can not only be trusted but which also pay well.It really isn’t much work, especially if you are attractive.If you are incredibly stunning, you could be lucky to get men over the edge by a simple glimpse of you.As soon as you have enough guys’ attention, start your show! You dont have to be perfect to become a webcam model.

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You do, however have to have a strong self esteem and a willingness to humor some obnoxious men and their repulsive comments.

Attract the right (wealthy) type of customers, tease them effectively, and you could be generating close to a million dollars per year (if you work hard of course).