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21-Feb-2017 07:54

After working with hundreds of women over the years and reflecting on my own single-life choices, I’ve identified the following reasons: Everything in your life has taken time to build and shape.

You’ve spent years getting the education you want, working towards a career you love, creating financial security, maintaining close friendships and family relationships, and excelling at various hobbies or sporting endeavors.

You’ve just met a cool girl you seem to really connect with, she even seems interested in you! You don’t want to say the wrong thing, but you don’t want to just stand there either.

How can you consistently create an attractive first impression?

One of the most profound statements I’ve heard recently was in a mindfulness class I’m taking.

Our teacher said: “Trust your life is not meant to be a different version.”Hi Neely, I read your dating advice blog religiously.

Every single word Matthew Mc Conaughey uttered during a recent Howard Stern interview about why he initially fell for his wife Camila Alves is applicable to YOUR dating life.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you have to wait for some perfect moment or time in your life to get started when it comes to creating what you want most in life: a healthy, happy relationship with a man who adores you. It’s an exciting and nerve-racking time…two babies under 2 – yikes! I got shingles at six weeks, which was painful and itchy, lasting for about two weeks, and I've developed some awful varicose and spider veins running down both my legs...

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Do you compare every new dating prospect to this seemingly perfect One from the past?

What type of experiments do you want to conduct on love? Every woman out there, single or not, has imagined a true love fairytale in her own life. Ah, the bittersweet kiss of a love stifled too soon.

At any rate, there comes a time during dating that you’re thinking about connecting on social media. Imagine yourself wearing a white lab coat, thick plastic safety goggles, and gloves up to your elbows.

Or you’re about to head out on your first date, I’m going to give you the recipe for a fun night out.

View full article → How to Text a Girl - You’re at a Friend’s party, and you're introduced to a woman that is exactly your type.Well, believe it or not, there is a bit of a method to it.

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