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i Cloud cleared out the mailbox and the appointments were deleted from the Blackberry on the next sync. Outlook Integration | Default Data Files | i Cloud folders won't expand Sync Stops Working | General Issues | Instant Search doesn't find in all fields Sync Blackberry & i Cloud data | Disabling i Cloud Sync Configure Me account without i Cloud | More Information Calendar Sync Issues | Contact Sync Issues Can you use i Cloud with Outlook 64-bit? You will need to install the 64-bit version of i Tunes.

One user asked if i Cloud would work with Office 365.

Outlook 2007 is the only version where i Cloud is affected by the June 13 2017 security update, but attachments are blocked in some scenarios in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016.

However, we do not recommend using Office 365 Exchange or mailboxes with i Cloud.Your Black Berry smartphone device then connects to your Office Calendar Online account and synchronizes calendar, contact and task information between each other.Thus, calendar, contact and task information added and/or modified from Outlook are synchronized and updated on your Black Berry; and any calendar, contact and task items added/modified from your Black Berry are synchronized with your Office Calendar Online account and then with your Outlook folders via Office Calendar Online's sync to your Office Calendar Server.These accounts support syncing to the device and all data is already in the "cloud" and syncs to all devices and computers.

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After installing the i Cloud service (either as part of i Tunes or standalone), you need to configure it using the i Cloud control panel.i Cloud is supported in current versions of Outlook and with Office 365 subscriptions.