Blackberry bold application center updating application list

05-Jun-2016 06:56

This issue can happen with paid applications or free applications.

Pressing the Escape key on the Black Berry smartphone may exit the application but may also leave it running in the background.When upgrading to Black Berry® Device Software version 5.0, if you have installed an application that is not compatible with Black Berry Device Software 5.0 prior to the upgrade to Black Berry Device Software version 5.0, the icon for that application will no longer be present on the Black Berry® smartphone.This issue is caused when incompatible applications previously downloaded from Black Berry App World™ are removed by Black Berry Device Software 5.0 and are moved to an ' Archived' state. All of them are currently free, although the company plans on offering paid apps in the future. Ny Times Deal Book: A bookmark icon to the popular blog.

Developers can get more details about how to submit apps or the Berry Store here. E-Trade Mobile Pro: Manage your dwindling stock portfolio.

Black Berry App World can also be removed using the Black Berry Desktop Manager.