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I guess if the site don't care, I don't care (All this site does is put in stupid censor-bots that do little or nothing to prevent spamming and trolling, but that's another discussion for another thread.)I don't mean to sound like the PC-Police but "Are you still single? Because their are some people (although for the record, I AM NOT one of them, however, I respect EVERYONE's rights just as I would my on), who are "Single And Proud". So, to everyone else: People like this (user "Bayless") are usually attention-seeking. The best thing you can do, in most cases is not reply to them.A whiny crybaby who resorts to name-calling because the other person (me, in this case) beat him/her in the debate. Can anyone tell me any other possible reason, whatsoever, why someone might post garbage like "More dim-lib dumbass diatribe."? I'm open-minded, however I know of no other possible reasons as to why a person might commit such behavior, other then the 3 I listed above.