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Flint tools from the later mesolithic period – between 80 years ago – have been found near streams in the city, though these probably represent little more than hunting parties or overnight camps.The most common prehistoric sites in Birmingham are burnt mounds – a form characteristic of upland areas and possibly formed by the heating of stones for cooking or steam bathing purposes.There is land for six ploughs, in the demesne, one.There are five villagers and four smallholders with two ploughs. At the time of the Domesday survey, Birmingham was far smaller than other villages in the area, most notably Aston.The woodland is half a league long and two furlongs wide. Other manors recorded in the Domesday survey were Sutton, Erdington, Edgbaston, Selly, Northfield, Tessall And Rednal.A settlement called "Machitone" was also mentioned in the survey. The Manor of Birmingham was located at the foot of the eastern side of the Keuper Sandstone ridge.It would have been, at the time of the Domesday survey, a small house.However, it later developed into a timber-framed house surrounded by a moat fed by the River Rea.

Surrounding settlements with names ending in -tūn (farm), -lēah (woodland clearing), -worð (enclosure) and -field (open ground) are likely to be secondary settlements created by the later expansion of the Anglo-Saxon population, The site of Anglo-Saxon and Domesday Birmingham is not known.The last 200 years have seen Birmingham rise from market town into the fastest-growing city of the 19th century, spurred on by a combination of civic investment, scientific achievement, commercial innovation and by a steady influx of migrant workers into its suburbs.

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