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26-Nov-2016 13:21

We want this feed back so we can fix red flags before the skins go on sale.

We are extremely open to community opinion and I hope the skin update helps prove that. Many of us have lived and breathed games like Counterstrike for many years of our lives.

But when you ask League of Legends players whether they prefer to use voice chat with the agree rate drops to 50%: 1 in 2 players do not want to voice chat with strangers, or don't care. When looking at numbers like these, we have to carefully consider that adding voice chat would actually create an These numbers might seem different than results from online polls or general threads you've seen here on the forums, but there are two important variables at play.

One, players that tend to visit online forums or communities are a Two, online polls or questions about voice chat rarely distinguish the difference between voice chatting with friends versus strangers.

What would you expect from a site that facilitates “internet girlfriends?

” Maybe a place where creepy or douchebag guys troll you for boob pics from behind the safety of their computer screens? This is the website My Girl, where guys too busy for real relationships go on just to talk, to fill an emotional need, and they pay you for it.

And this is why we have PBE, it's not just for balance changes.Before she was on My Girl Fund, Lauraleigh served in the Army for two years, worked as a security guard for three, and is now pursuing a Ph D in Human Genome Studies. I never mention content unless they bring it up first.” By content, she means the pictures or videos that they exchange with users who pay using the credits on the site.It’s up to the girls to decide how much they really show.I think the version we have now will make a lot of players who took issue with it happy.

She lost armor in production as we worked on ways to make sure she was still readable as Caitlyn (her legs and arms became more bare for the color contrast to help the gun pop).If you just ask the question "Do you want voice chat in League of Legends?