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BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Well, I think everyone had known when this taped interview came out from Deepak Kalpoe, you know, Aruba was trying to claim it had been manipulated, but it was simply untrue. They don`t have to talk to police if they don`t want to. GRACE: So what type of equipment is being brought in to search this water? LALAMA: Well, the water is a couple of miles outside or off the coast. GRACE: So Dave, you and I have talked on other occasions. HOLLOWAY: Well, early on in the investigation, I met with Paul Van Der Sloot, and he had mentioned to me -- he pointed the fingers at a certain Mountain Brook student. The judge let him go on low bail, and he went and scoped these children out with night goggles. That is what happens, Alison Arngrim, when judges are soft on sex offenders. He is the defense attorney for Gregory Pathiakis, sentenced by Judge Delvecchio. She`s well-respected by both prosecution and defense. To Tim Cruz, he`s the Plymouth County district attorney who prosecuted the case, welcome, sir. And you and I both know nobody is forced to plead guilty in this country, all right? So obviously what we have here is a situation where we have a 24-year- old man dealing with a 15-year-old child. This young boy, who`s obviously at that age very confused, dealing with a man that`s much older than him from his school. How did this plea deal, or was it a deal, go down with Judge Suzanne Delvecchio? Our recommendation was four-to-eight years state prison of which he would do four, no less than four, and potentially up to eight, with five years probation from and after, with all the appropriate treatment that would have been at that time. A defendant that goes before a judge and says, "I want to plead guilty, judge.There was one version, of course, that had been edited for television. Beth, what can you tell us about a new search of the western end of the island? We`re talking about depths of 600 to 800 feet, as you mentioned. The atmosphere that night -- all these kids had had something to drink. You and Natalee`s mom, Beth Twitty, feel firmly that there has been a cover-up of sorts. And I don`t know why or what or what the reason is, and maybe the police are looking into that. GRACE: You mean you think the police are going to try to blame a fellow student? HOLLOWAY: I think he was grasping for straws and trying to point the finger somewhere else besides the three suspects. Every time they go out on a limb, it always breaks off and gets right back to the three suspects. GRACE: Something has prompted Aruban authorities to renew their efforts to solve the mystery of a missing American girl, Natalee Holloway. Why is there a new search of the west tip of the island? She looked at all of the facts in this case and made her decision. JUBINVILLE: He`s either going to plead to one charge, which is all of them, or he`s going to take a trial on all of them. And this situation evolved, and it`s just -- really, it`s just not right. We thought it was important that an individual that abused his authority as a teacher that this individual go to jail. And we were more than happy to try the case, but the defendant pled guilty. I don`t want to go to trial." You don`t have a plea deal.She had no idea she was getting in a car with Deepak and Satish Kalpoe. I mean, they run the gamut on two doors, four doors, minivans, you know, nice car, you know, older model cars. She told me, no, she wanted me to stay there with her because the next day, she was leaving and she wanted to stay that whole night. I even -- I even lifted her up to carry her back to her hotel, and she told me put her down. They`ve had new evidence that`s been brought forward, but they have just not chosen to act upon it. GRACE: Well, you know, back to Beth Twitty, Natalee`s mother. A judge -- let me give you his name, Judge Tom Schroeder -- out of city of Detroit Lakes, Becker County, Minnesota, had this guy come before him just before he allegedly murdered the little boy, raped the little girl. And then, Elizabeth, remember Jessica Lunsford, John Evander Couey? And what`s happened -- what Cashman and these others have done is created a two-tiered system where child victims just simply don`t have the same rights in their courtroom as adults. TIMOTHY CRUZ, PROSECUTED GREGORY PATHIAKIS: Oh, absolutely, Nancy.GRACE: And On her behalf, Beth, there on the island, the cabs do look just like regular cars. GRACE: When you say there`s new evidence, Beth, what are you talking about? It may be like here in the United States, in the sense that once someone is identified as a target or a suspect, they`ve got a 5th Amendment right to remain silent. He was told -- this judge was told, and I`m reading from the transcript -- "Judge, he is, of course, a registered sex offender." I`ve got it right here, a certified copy of the transcript. Another judge gave this fine young fellow light treatment. Skipped town and ended up snatching 9-year-old Jessie Lunsford, who was buried alive after being molested. GRACE: Joining us from Boston is Robert Jubinville. ROBERT JUBINVILLE, ATTORNEY FOR GREGORY PATHIAKIS: Well, what I say, Nancy, is that the judge who handled this case is a senior judge in the superior court. This individual had graphic sexual photos of young boys on his computer in various stages of undress and various sexual acts. He also had sent nude photos of himself to the defendant in this case.They`ve always been willing to come forward at any time with additional information. (CROSSTALK) GRACE: What did they tell you -- for the viewers just joining us, what did they tell you about the night Natalee went missing? BRYAN HERSHMAN, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, I have a problem with the characterization of these cases. In this state, there was a legislative study done and what we call our SOSA program (ph). And I think it`s unfair to focus on a little bit of information. I don`t know what you mean by a little bit of information. Now in some of these cases, where you have a child under the age 13, and that`s what identifies a pedophile. The other thing that alarms me is that teachers taking advantage of adolescents.BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Well, we knew it was real chaotic when they were leaving Carlos and Charlie`s. I wasn`t directly involved in any of them; I don`t know the facts, nor do I know the law in these respective states. There was less than a 2 percent rate of recidivism. You can`t say, if your kid was a victim, hell hath no fury, but, on the other hand, let`s give them treatment and let them walk the streets. HERSHMAN: What I want is that, if somebody does something to one of my children, I would not sit in judgment. Now, everybody knows in the teaching profession that adolescents are confused, vulnerable, and easily impressed. And for a 44-year-old man, a teacher with the kind of experience this person has, to take advantage of a 16-year-old and say it`s OK because he`s almost 17 is totally wrong and a slap in the face of every teacher that works.THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. Three judges let convicted child molesters walk free, no hard jail time. But first tonight: Can the Natalee Holloway missing girl case be cracked nearly one year later? And tonight: A new tip leads Aruban police to search the island`s western stretch of dunes. I mean, a lot of covering up, a lot of making excuses. Why, finally -- not that I`m kicking a gift horse in the mouth -- forget about it.

They`ve had a lot of this information for some time. The prosecutor said the FBI said there was blood in the car, but for some reason or another, when they sent it off, they say now it`s all cleaning fluid. Remember, Natalee went on her high school senior trip to Aruba with all of her classmates. And not only that, based on a tip to police, an extensive search is now planned for the western tip of the island, all sand dunes. We were just taunted with the possibility of these reinterrogations. BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: I have to believe that, Nancy. GRACE: So it`s just a party with the teacher and the little boy? The guy says, "I`ll give you 20 bucks to take your shirt off." The kid says it`s an easy 20 bucks. And what these judges are doing is backing up that message and saying, "The molester is right; no one is going to help you. To Judge Cashman, to judge Alan Bates, to Judge Suzanne Delvecchio, we`re talking to you. But our biggest thank you is to you, for being with us, inviting us into your homes.

And secondly, you know, their timelines had been destroyed through -- through various witnesses that had come forward, and Aruba just chose to ignore each time their alibis were destroyed. BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Well, from what I had understood, that there were one or two witnesses that have come forward with some new information. And you know, this goes with a rumor -- I hate to give it any more substance than that -- but the rumor that the same night that she went missing, a fisherman later discovered that there was a fishing net, a catch net and a knife missing, that his hut had been broken into, and that led to all kinds of speculation that someone, some people may have, in fact, tried to bury her body at the bottom of the ocean. They were there at this bar, but they all remember her leaving with Joran Van Der Sloot. Why are new facilities being used, new techniques being used to try to find Natalee`s body? And you may not agree with it, but she made it based on the fact that the initiator here was the student, that he had sent e-mails to the 23- year-old teacher requesting and suggesting what sexual act to do. GRACE: Well, certainly the teacher knew how old his own student was. Are you suggesting the student planted that on his computer? JUBINVILLE: No, I`m not suggesting he planted anything on his e-mail. Your client pled guilty to possession of child porn. GRACE: And the reality is, Jason Oshins, when you`re talking about statutory rape in this jurisdiction under 16, a child cannot consent. In my old jurisdiction, you call it a blind plea, because you don`t know what you`re going to get.

So they have had reasons to warrant the rearrest and reinterrogation of the suspects all along. The Aruban government makes it sound like it`s an engraved invitation, that they invited the three to come back and speak to them again and they refused, and that`s just the end of it? Supposedly, these are still outside the circle of the suspects, but that there may be friends of Joran Van Der Sloot. Bringing in cadaver dogs at this point, what good would that do? That`s going to require the deep sea equipment to try to find it, to see if that`s the case. Beth, when you hear the discussion, talking about bodies, talking about being buried deep in the ocean floor, how do you keep going? BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Oh, Nancy, I mean, what we want is, we want justice. Well, I tell you, Nancy, it just -- I don`t know how much they think that we can take. And there`s no question that in the back seat were the Kalpoe brothers, correct, Dave Holloway? And why are all of the classmates now being requestioned? attorney general, now on Hussein`s defense team, blames it on the court. The fact of the matter is the pornography was of teenage individuals. JUBINVILLE: Well, Nancy, he had to plead to all of it. That would be like a 9-year-old going out and buying a Mercedes. JASON OSHINS, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, the very nature of a statutory charge is that they can`t consent, no matter how short of being of age they are. But apparently they knew that this judge would give them a light sentence, is that correct?

I mean, it was a mass exodus, and they were all climbing into cars, cabs, trying to get rides back to the Holiday Inn. If I`d have that moment back, I would have made sure she got back to her hotel safely, but I can`t -- I can`t change that now. I do know the law in my own state, however, and there`s a psychosexual deviancy program which has had less than a 2 percent rate of recidivism. And all of these people, under new legislation that`s pending, would be looking at 25 years at a horrific expense to the citizens of this state. And if anybody ever did anything to one of my kids, God forbid, I don`t think the police would have a chance to get to them. I would have somebody wearing a black robe who would follow the law... (COMMERCIAL BREAK) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We were actually talking about it at work this morning. It seems like a really serious crime with a pretty small consequence.

And you know, I know they had -- you know, they had been drinking. It didn`t seem -- of course, now I look back at it, and I think, Oh, (DELETED) I`m an (DELETED). (END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: Well, actually -- to Natalee`s mother, joining us, Beth Twitty -- there is something he could do now. DAVE HOLLOWAY, NATALEE`S FATHER: I understand he`s in Holland, going to college. I think, as a public, what we need to do is weigh our thirst to punish these people versus the expense in punishing them, as opposed to letting them stay in the community where they won`t re-offend. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was dismayed to see that someone who had committed such a heinous crime against a young child would be given less of a prison sentence than, for instance, someone who got a second term DWI. We let these people out constantly, and everyone talks about therapy and, if they come up with something, I`d really like to see it.

Cashman`s sentencing a sex offender who repeatedly sodomized a little girl, age 5 years old, to up to 60 days behind bars. To Pat Lalama, investigative reporter, bring us up-to-date, Pat.

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