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22-Oct-2017 22:50

Each episode finds Dane and the group appearing at colleges from Seattle to Boston where they perform in front of fervent audiences.

In addition to performance clips, the series focuses on intimate, often-hysterical scenes of the quartet as they deal with cramped quarters, frequent misunderstandings, and a plethora of porno stories and fart jokes.

The multiple-medication therapy works wonders--but will Dane make it back to Central Michigan University in time for the gig?

This edition features plenty of revealing home movies and photos, including early comedy-club performances by each comic; home documentaries starring Dane's mom; a pantomimed performance special by a young Dane shot while taking a break at a pizzeria; an eye-opening look at how the comic's sense of fashion, hair and comedy has evolved through the years; and more.

Later, in Cincinnati, Dane pouts after losing a go-cart race to Bobby, but recovers when his girlfriend arrives for some TLC before a Day 13 gig at Xavier. Dane and the guys arrive at Kent State University (Ohio) for Tourgasm's first show without Gary, who is rumored to be in L. The next day, heading towards Syracuse, NY, the boys play a game of garment-tossing at Niagara Falls, then pair off for the 'Campground Gravel Pit Bowl'--a heated touch-football game that ends with Bobby in the hospital with a badly injured knee. The tour then winds its way through New York City and Philadelphia, where a clueless van driver nearly causes the boys to miss a live TV appearance.

In Baltimore, Gary relives one of his darkest moments: last night's heckle-ridden show.

The tour then heads north to familiar territory: Massachusetts, where some frenetic 'original' fans at Fitchburg College welcome home their comedic hero.

Before a gig at the University of Massachusetts, the boys unwind with a game of miniature golf.

The episode concludes with Dane reading a graduation letter he'd written, at the request of his high-school writing teacher, to his biggest fan and best friend: Dane Cook.