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Best part about dating her: She’s very orderly, so you don’t have to worry about things being chaotic in your life! Dating her would be living the fast life, but that’s the good life. Get to know her well enough, and you might even unlock her tragic backstory!

She likes to keep things spontaneous, but can be chill when it comes to the results of that spontaneity. Widowmaker might come off as very cool and not easily impressed, and…impression is true. Best part about dating her: If she likes you, you’ll know you’re special.

Dating her is an adventure, and kind of terrifying, but still.

Also, you get the feeling she knew every single thing about you before you even went on her first date. Best part about dating her: She gets you into all sorts of cool underground places that are kinda sketchy, but you always come out feeling like you’ve undergone a transformative experience.

Tracey is also known for writing books based on cartoons and films, including dozens of books about Pokemon.

She currently lives in New York's Hudson Valley w Tracey West is the bestselling author of more than 200 children's books.

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The great thing about Overwatch though, is that there are many amazing women in the hero roster, all of whom are unique and badass in their own way.

Symmetra comes across as a little serious, by the book, and entirely too logical than would be comfortable for some.