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17-Oct-2016 20:59

Take your choice, from Picasso to Tupac, Miles, and David Foster Wallace, the world of self-expression only develops and grows because of innovative, individualistic genius. Many of us are discriminated against openly by the status quo. Many of us have suffered abuse in one way or another as children. I’ve read a lot about them as well over the past decade or two since this new conservative movement has grown more and more entrenched in this country of good, strong, capable people.But it is here at the term “genius” that Rand’s philosophy falls apart. Most of us are the products of divorced parents and emotionally intense upbringings. One thing that strikes me is that most of the people I know of who adhere to Randian principles come from very fortunate backgrounds and/or are relatively well off.Paul Ryan comes from one of the most liberal, progressive, and left-leaning states in the Union.It’s not hard to understand how easy it would be to embrace Objectivism when everyone around you is talking union politics (remember, the Ryan family has a construction company) and wanting to create government services to support people who need health care, support with education, pension benefits, etc.Let me relate first why I found , at the age of 19, so important.I believe every person is born with creative potential and talent.A Repost from 2013, slightly modified: This piece got a lot of play over at Open Salon (when it was open).It was an “Editor’s Pick” and got more than 2,000 views, plus a good number of comments. I’ve added a few comments here to update this for 2016. In the summer of 1977 I was home from college ambling around our local library looking for a novel to read.

All I could tell from the front jacket of the book was that it was about art and freedom. Other than lucking into information, in those days there was no way to easily research authors and the context their fiction came out of.Most of us compensate for pain and loss in our lives in one way or the other, and this compensation inevitably works against us — be that insecurity, alcohol/drug addiction, anger management problems, criminal behavior, bullying, or repressed needs. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential candidate [in 2012], is a perfect example.The guy is part of a construction industry dynasty. He has in fact compared himself to Howard Roark in an interview with CNN’s Kirsten Powers, in a piece she wrote for ].A week later, still petrified by the prospect of asking Ann Jefferson out, I returned .

But I caution you, this book has become the basis for an extremely misguided, over-simplified philosophical approach to life that now threatens the very notion of the American Way of Life.

Still, Rand presents the idea of freedom and self-realization as directly and definitively as anything you will ever read.