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The doctor gives his mobile number and says to call whenever if I have any further questions.I got a [good] root canal, stint and filling (composite, not the cheap, toxic silver amalgam kind they love so much in the US) done for a grand total of US.For the first time in quite a while, I’m leaving Armenia for a non-trivial period of time.I’ll be back in a few months, but am seriously reconsidering my previous inertia toward longer-term residence. There’s some novel personal reasons that enter into the deliberation lately, including a very short-lived and spectacularly failed marriage here, but I’m not letting a bad marriage ruin Armenia for me, and I’m not here to talk about that.Although I don’t have first-hand experience, Armenia is clearly a terrible place to be LGBT.See below.) Mount Ararat: Catching a glimpse of Mount Ararat or Aragats from some elevated position in the city is always a sensational treat.

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It also doesn’t have the widespread social problems related to drugs, which are an unavoidable staple of life for all but the most exclusively gated bourgeoisie in the US, and many other places in the world, “developed world” and otherwise.

But, there was a construction crane outside, so he paid the operator a bit of money and, , the piano was hoisted up on the crane and delivered through his expansive living room window. When I go to the doctor in Armenia, reception asks for my name and address, not eight pages of family medical history and insurance garbage.

The medical practice charges the patient directly, based on what the market will bear.

Some years ago, a relative of mine was trying to get a piano up to his 5th floor apartment.

No matter what he did, it wouldn’t fit through the hallway, common areas, and front door.It’s actually a bit remarkable that I praise central Yerevan for convenience, because public transportation here is abysmal. Yerevan’s convenience comes out in a somewhat different way.