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26-Nov-2016 22:23

What i'm getting at is that aries guys don't settle for second best.

He is very attractive, successful, and always out and about with his male friends (Let me add that he is 29 and I am 20).If he thought I was an awesome friend then why would he not fight for our friendship?I text him the next day and told him that my reaction derived from built up emotion that was never communicated to him and that it is not apart of my character to drop someone from my life without a legitimate excuse. I'm an aries guy and i'll try to help, as i've been on the opposite side of this one waaaay too many times. Sure relationships are good but they have a big opportunity cost (especially if the woman is clingy). She'd have to be really damn perfect to be worth the sacrifice.We did not go out on a date the first time we hung out and haven't since.

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His apartment building has a roof top, so there are a lot of lounge chairs, cabanas, and etc.And I had to communicate that to him because I didn't want it to bother me and have bad Karma. So what happens is you meet a girl who is 90% perfect.

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