Are andy and erin dating on the office

25-Jan-2017 06:02

The documentary crew: There was a moment where it looked like Pam might have an affair with Brian the sound guy, who was there for her while Jim was in Philadelphia, but when it became clear—from a trailer for The Office: An American Workplace on PBS—that the Dunder Mifflin staff was being filmed even when they didn’t know it, relations between the crew and staff fell apart.The Office is a long show and will all great long shows there are a lot of changes. For better or for worse the 'ships never fail to keep us entertained from season to season. Ended up allied with Angela, even taking her in when the Senator went public about his sexuality and divorced her (for one of his other lovers). Clark, mini Dwight, was briefly farmed out as a love slave for Jan, former Dunder Mifflin exec, who is now the paper buyer for the Scranton White Pages. Joined the cast as the special-projects manager at Sabre, Dunder Mifflin’s erstwhile parent company, but ended up working in Scranton, briefly replacing Andy while he was in Florida fetching Erin back.Darryl: Fell for warehouse worker Val (who was originally in a relationship with someone else and then was pursued by Gabe). Although she was initially a pest, it turned out that she’s fun and cooky.But with the sitcom entering the home stretch—its final episode airs on May 16—some of those fans have been returning to see how it all ends for the employees of Dunder Mifflin.But not everyone who may want to tune in for the finale has time to catch up on the new characters, romances and paper-sales developments that have been introduced over the past two seasons.Episode 1Title: “New Guys”Original Airdate: September 20, 2012Andy returns after going on an Outward Bound retreat meant to improve his leadership skills.Annoyed that Nellie is still working at the office, he sets out to humiliate her.

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They got a happy ending, however, as Dwight became a black belt and was finally promoted to regional manager. Andy: Was named manager by Robert California, who ran Dunder Mifflin while it was owned by Sabre.

Got promoted and then joined Jim at his new business in Philly. David Wallace: Became a millionaire after selling an invention and ended up buying Dunder Mifflin from Sabre.

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