Annoying orange the dating game

02-Apr-2017 11:39

The actual show features the misadventures of Orange, a talking orange who lives on a kitchen counter as he annoys the food he meets with lame puns, weird noises, braying laugh, and unintelligence.

The episodes usually result in the food having some form of painful death, which he tries to warn them about.

At the start of the 3rd quarter, Midget Apple says "Oh no, did I miss Madonna (who really performed at the Super Bowl that weekend)?

" before he gets kicked by a member of the New York Gi-Apples (New York Giants).

Then, at the end of the fourth quarter with two seconds left in the game, the Gi-Apples attempt a field goal (a manuever where a player kicks it between two posts), down 85-83.

Pomegranite was the second bachelor, and a character in The Dating Game.

The Annoying Orange is a series of You Tube videos created by Daneboe and his company Gag Films.

The series originally started out as one video, but because of its growing popularity, Boedigheimer started to create a series.

(laughter) Let's get right to it and meet our bachelorette. It is safe to say we are all intoxicated by your presence. Passion: (whispers) I think we can forget about Bachelor #1. (laughs) Art: Let me remind the bachelors that you are not supposed to reveal the identies of one another. Passion: (fake laughter) (sarcasm) Wow, I'm totally shocked.

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