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String name = Name(); if("province".equals(name)) { //??????? * Right now, we look if there is a single molecule in the top hierarchy.

id province = new Province(); for(int i=0;i/** * Scan the document, looking for certain key features.

* The encoding is UTF8 * * @param os the output where the XML will be written to * @throws IOException if an IO error occured * @see #parse(

URL) */ public void write XML(Output Stream os) throws IOException /** * Writes this input map into a XML file which can be parsed by . Xml Pull Parser Factory Xml Pull Parser Factory pull Factory = Xml Pull Parser Instance(); Xml Pull Parser parser = pull Pull Parser(); //???

I've been reading some tutorials on Xml Pull Parser in Android on how to parse XML data.

To be more specific, I'm using the XML from Here I simplify part on an entry from this feed (I hope without altering the structure) in: I have trying out a simple example using XMLPull Parser but it is throwing an exception. Xml Pull Parser Exception: could not load any factory class (even small or full default implementation); nested exception is: org.kxml2 Xml Pull Parser Instance(Xml Pull Parser at org.xmlpull.v1. This class is used to create implementations of XML Pull Parser defined in XMPULL V1 API.

The name of actual factory class will be determined based on several parameters.

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Returned from get Event Type(), next(), or next Token() when an end tag was read.

This event type is never returned from next(); next() will accumulate the replacement text and other text events to a single TEXT event.