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They return to India and Puja is stunned to see her husband with her friend Karan. Karan's love for Puja is obsessive and uncontrollable. Now begins a deadly cat and mouse game between the two. When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. You'll have to read this review understanding that I necessarily came to my viewing with a cultural divide. Complaints about that aside, my understanding is that Vaada is based on a US film, but I didn't see that movie and can't recall what it was, though I'm thinking about tracking it down and watching that one. All of a sudden my man Rampal was channeling Jet Li and I have to say it was pretty awesome mostly on account of a tight black shirt and some very decent choreography. I'll get you a nice charcoal-gray suit."Then Rahul teaches her to drive and she is unable to master this -- yet Rahul has her on the damn freeway where she can't drive a straight line and he must have had brain damage from that suit because he did not have his seatbelt on. If he does NOT sign the blank pages, then Rahul can see and is a liar and a murderer. 2) Next, Karan and his attorney put poison in Rahul's drink -- right in front of him because if he's not blind, then he will not drink the poisoned drink but if he IS blind, then he'll drink the poison. Instead he stands up IN the doorway and bonks his head on only one of the potted plants. Then he throws them all, complaining about idiots who lower potted plants in a blind man's house.

Puja is trapped between a blind husband and a sighted lover. Rahul can feel a web of deceit tightening around him. Someone more familiar with Indian culture will surely have a better take on those aspects of the film. Someone must have been watching some John Woo because there was lots of Slo-Mo. So, Psycho boyfriend goes off to make his fortune and have psychotic breaks in Europe and elsewhere besides India. And yes, there is an accident and yes, Rahul goes through the windshield but instead of ending up with amnesia, he ends up blind. Rahul wants to know how many pages to sign, but the guy who hands him the documents doesn't know. The attorney points out the flaw in that plan in the event that Rahul really is blind so instead of poison, Karan substitutes a laxative in the bottle that says POISON right there on the label. We know that Rahul has engineered this lights-out in a bit of genius (but is it EVIL genius? He tosses his pots with uncanny accuracy at the police chief and his henchmen who are hiding there to witness the proof.4) The NEXT attempt to prove Rahul can see involves hiring a thug to beat him up.

Nevertheless, I have watched this movie twice and will surely do so again. I happen to LOVE martial arts movies so when a Gung Fu fight suddenly broke out I was pretty darn happy. I Like Movies Where You Learn Something One thing I learned is that no man should ever wear a light blue suit. Because if Arjun Rampal looks like half a doof in a suit that color, there's just no hope for the rest of mankind. The plot of this movie is that Rahul, a handsome rich tycoon (Rampal) falls in love with this woman named Pooja. Meanwhile, Rahul meets, courts and marries Pooja and tells her that she, the woman, is now the family's honor and therefor his honor. Rahul demonstrates that blind people can hear, so he knows when people get up and when drinks (or poison??? And not just one thug it turns out, but a whole bunch of thugs.

The woman's honor is everything and even things she cannot possibly control affect her honor and lead to a horrific act that, alas, provides the whole reason for the plot in the first place. Everyone else would have the full-on doof effect and probably worse. He romances her and has to work surprisingly hard for it, especially considering that the blue suit was yet to come. They have a happy marriage, there is singing and dancing that includes the blue suit which is when I knew they were really in love because 1) He was secure enough in his masculinity and general off-the charts hotness to wear that thing around her and 2) She didn't ask him what the hell he thought he was doing going out of the hotel dressed like that. The reasoning is this: Rahul gets mugged and can't defend himself (Rahul is blind) or Rahul gets mugged but defends himself (Rahul can see).

However, Sussanne denied all the reports, and when asked about trouble in her marriage, she said in an interview, “Rubbish. But yes, Hrithik and I are very upset with the story of our so-called split. “Sometimes exes do silly things to get your attention,” she said when asked if Hrithik was the reason for her getting ousted from Aashiqui 3.

Hrithik tweeted saying that he was “more likely to date the Pope”.

Hrithik Roshan’s recently been in the news for his spat with Kangana Ranaut .

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Who cares about her acting as long as she shakes her curves in the dance sequences. This is worth the watch and does have a good twist at the end.Starring: AMISHA PATEL, ARJUN RAMPAL, ZAYED KHAN Synopsis: Rahul and Puja are married and totally devoted to each other. Then it turns out blind-Rahul has this good buddy who is now his business partner and who he relies on a lot. Some chick did NOT wait for him while he was off making his fortune and instead married some other guy. Rahul is NOT Blind There ensue several attempts to trick Rahul into revealing that he can see.