Algerian women dating

10-Aug-2017 11:13

This country is rich is oil and gas with 50% of the people living below poverty standards.Algeria is regarded as a relatively liberal nation, considering it is predominantly a Muslim country, and the status of women reflects this.People of Algerian origin account for a large sector of the total population in France.In spite of France's colonial rule in Algeria, many Algerians chose to immigrate to France from the 1960s to the present due to political turmoil. A recent attempt to improve the situation was the banning of the Burqa and the Hijab in schools by Jacques Chirac.

Algeria is an Arabic nation consisting of 99% Arab or Berber with Islam being the dominating religion.

Beautiful Algerian women are usually olive, tanned, or even black complected with dark hair and eyes. They usually dress extremely modest and some in the cities wear fashionable clothing. Almost all of Algeria’s women that live in rural areas do not date. They are meant to birth and raise children, preferably males.