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24-Aug-2016 07:43

I certainly did not like Charlotte and Alex (or anyone for that matter) living together without being married.

(deep breath) the French-Moroccan actor/comedian Gad Elmaleh. Charlie, you’re 25, gorgeous, the picture of style, the spirit of sweetness, any man in the world would worship the ground you walk on and you pick someone who’s forty?!There was Felix Winckler from about 2004-2007 and then Alex Dellal from that time until now and those have been the only seemingly serious ones.That has always provided some reassurance that Charlotte is a smart girl who knows what she is doing and not simply behaving irresponsibly.Long-time readers may (just may) have picked up on the fact that I was never a huge fan of Alex.

I always thought Charlotte could do a whole lot better, however, for any die-hard Alex fans out there, let me reassure you that, when it comes to my beloved Charlotte, rest assured that no one will ever be good enough for her as far as I’m concerned.Earlier this month the two spent a weekend together, it was all the rage on the French gossip pages, complete with many pictures of a very radiant looking Charlotte. (calming down) I don’t keep up with the French stand-up comedy scene and this Gad may be the nicest Gad in the world, he may be a super-duper Gad and for Charlotte’s sake I hope he is.