Alec baldwin dating yoga instructor

22-Jul-2016 22:07

Two more years and two more children later—17-month-old Rafael and Leonardo, born in September—she has transformed her Instagram feed into a cozy jumble of perfectly imperfect family moments, rife with smoochy babies, sleepy eyes, and stolen moments for leg lifts.

Noteworthy too are the glimpses of an Alec Baldwin you don’t see elsewhere: joyful, unburdened, and seemingly in love with it all.

From their wedding announcement: Alec and Hilaria "met in February 2011, at Pure Food and Wine, a restaurant in New York.

' I was standing near the door with my friends when he walked up and took my hand and said, ' I must know you,' Hilaria said.' You must know me?

star and the yoga instructor said "I do" on Saturday at St. The bride wore a trumpet-shape silk Amsale gown with cap sleeves and a keyhole back. Celebrity guests included Alec's brothers Stephen and Billy Baldwin.

(I'm not sure if his other brother, Daniel, missed the wedding, or if producer Lorne Michaels were also in attendance.

Later, watching the video, I detect the unmistakable protrusion of a baby belly—and it’s not hers. At work, when it’s time for the hourly round of calisthenics her book prescribes, I get coffee instead.

I’m trying to get some zen from the author of (;, which distills her wellness practices into a five-pronged program for a fitter, happier life.

On the emo front, I do manage to pause for a grounding moment when complications arise on a work project. I maintain perspective after yet another zinger from someone who ladles out critiques like matzo balls.

I defuse a potential road-rage blowup and make it into a polite exchange, a first not only for me but possibly for all of N. And when one of my kids starts haranguing me while I’m deep into a concerning email, I reach into my toolbox and ...

“I co-sleep with my kids until they learn to sleep in their beds. Living Clearly isn’t a rigid script for weight loss or fitness so much as a series of practices designed to make life calmer and more manageable, focusing on balance, perspective, breathing, grounding, and letting go.

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Because I’m breast-feeding, it’s a lot easier,” she says. There are dozens of yoga poses and 17 recipes, several involving quinoa. “There’s a difference in what goes on when I’m teaching 70 people in my classroom and when I’m teaching one-on-one,” she says.Ireland Baldwin, Alec's daughter with first wife Kim Basinger, also made it to the wedding.