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19-Oct-2017 11:52

We also provide project management services assisting brands in getting their wine from the vine to the bottle to shelves the world over.

Given the rich history of our country, Cape Wine Company is proud to give back to the communities that assist in producing our wines, from vine to bottle, through participating in the Fairtrade initiative.

The project required coordination with the nearby city for drinking water use and industrial wastewater pretreatment and discharge.

Recordkeeping and reporting were needed prior to facility personnel being mobilized to the site.

Set up and management of environmental systems during the transition to full operations was needed.

During the planning and initial construction phases, SMG managed the environmental permitting and environmental compliance for the site.

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The proposed site was a former farm with historic activities dating back to the 1880s.A water intake structure was required in the lake and along the adjacent shoreline which was owned by others.Several ephemeral and intermittent streams would be impacted by the construction.We manage energy project development, environmental permitting, remediation and compliance, industrial hygiene, health & safety, auditing, environmental management, government relations. We move quickly and dig deeply to reach your goals. Some managers are lulled into thinking that hazardous material regulations and hazardous waste regulations really don’t apply to them since they deal with small quantities and are not in the chemicals industry.

It’s easy for businesses to become complacent about hazardous materials and hazardous waste management, especially when hazardous chemicals are not their primary business.SMG continued to work with the owner to obtain remaining operational permits and to transition environmental compliance responsibilities to the new facility staff to support startup and initial operations.

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