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(TXF: "Quagmire") As a child, Dana was a tomboy, unlike her sister, Melissa. Dana was filled with remorse and cried when the snake died.She played with her brothers a lot and they got her a B. (TXF: "One Breath") The Scully family was once stationed at Miramar Naval Air Station.(TXF: "Lazarus") While studying at medical school just prior to March 1990, Scully was recruited by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.Believing the FBI was a place where she could distinguish herself, Scully attended the FBI Academy.Given the fact that Scully has no motive to lie, however, it seems likely that she is telling the truth.On several occasions, Dana's father made her and one or more of her siblings take the family Christmas tree down on the day immediately after Christmas.This event made her feel, for the first time, that there was real evil in the world.

(TXF: "Pilot") She did her residency in forensic medicine and learned that severely burnt bodies could sometimes show cadaveric heat rigor or heat stiffening.

(TXF: "Christmas Carol") When Dana was fifteen, her mother gave her and her sister Melissa a gold cross necklace.

(TXF: "Christmas Carol") The young Dana Scully is played by Tegan Moss (TXF: "One Breath") and Joey Shea (TXF: "Christmas Carol") as a child, and by Zoe Anderson (Gillian Anderson's sister) as a teenager (TXF: "Christmas Carol").

(TXF: "Pilot", et al.) In 2002, she went on the run from the law with her former partner, Fox Mulder.

(TXF: "The Truth") She was employed as a doctor at Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital by 2008, at which time she became involved in an FBI case on which Mulder worked in an unofficial capacity.(TXF: "Pilot", "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man") She graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree.

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