After dating disappear man month

30-Nov-2016 09:32

You and he have not yet had the "exclusivity talk", and he's seeing other women, and he's more interested in pursuing one woman, so he puts all his effort into her.

Maybe she's a fox in bed, maybe she had the "exclusivity talk" with him.

A few obvious reasons for expecting you to take him on again, after being ditched the first time, are:1) He's seen that a lot of women DO take a man back, after being ditched.2) He doesn't expect you to take him back, but if he doesn't at least try, it will definitely never happen. When they try and come back they get turned down cold. I've been asked to stay late at work to help get caught up. Still managed to get to a phone call and let the school know I wouldn't be there before my class met. I've never ever stood anyone up and never been stood up.

I at least have the decency to tell them why and don't just avoid them. No disrepect, scorpiomover, but those are excuses not reasons. And still managed somehow to maintain an active social life. If I had plans or arranged to meet someone, never had anything prevent me from picking up the phone or sending an email. And I've been stuck with an overheated car, at the side of the road, in the rain. Maybe I'm just weird, but an obligation is an obligation. Had to cancel a very few "dates" because of something or other. Well If they live in America I do believe we have something like a million ways to call someone.

If it makes you feel any better, you're probably not the only 7 on their list to get back with :)Maybe they served their sentence and got released? I had my share of the recycled contacts, forgot who they were and when I remembered...toodles. I just had a guy who I went out with back in March(and who stood me up) contact me just the other day.

Sorry, either lack of interest or attention span or maybe both. To borrow from spork's ladder theory...someday, someone will put you at the top of his ladder and if he is at the top of your ladder, then perhaps you will have found “The One". I told him straight up that I deleted his # after he didn't respond to my messages.

Then they pull out the "7" from the back pocket!!!!

What I do in these cases with girls is that I say:"Sorry, I thought you were not interested and I moved on. She was nice and I liked her but we went out only twice within the span of 2-3 months at the beginning and then she was making up excuses -- she wasn't interested in meeting again.

They have other things going on, like family and work problems.

Didn't just not show, called as soon as I knew, let them know. If they live in Africa I might believe they found problems. If they contact me within a few days and come up with a really believable story, I will give them another shot. Im so glad Im not the only one that this has happened to, Men say honesty is important...