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Studies varied in their definition of speeding—some included any vehicle exceeding the posted limit, while others considered vehicles only at or above a threshold above the legal limit, such as 15 mph above the limit.Collision outcomes include the number or rate of crashes stratified by severity (property damage only, injury, or fatality).“Information on States’ laws authorizing or restricting use of automated enforcement is provided by the GHSA ([2014c]) and by IIHS ([2014b])” (UNC Highway Safety Research Center, 2011, p. The best-controlled studies suggest injury crash reductions are likely to be in the range of 20 to 25 percent at conspicuous, fixed camera sites. (2009) study examined effects of a fixed camera enforcement program applied to a 6.5-mile urban freeway section through Scottsdale, Arizona.Covert, mobile enforcement programs also result in significant crash reductions area-wide ([L. Prior reviewers also concluded that, although the quality of evidence was not high, speed cameras and speed detection technologies are effective at reducing traffic crashes and injuries ([Pilkington and Kinra, 2005]; [C. Recent crash-based studies from the United States have reported positive safety benefits through crash and speed reductions from mobile camera enforcement on 14 urban arterials in Charlotte, NC ([Cunningham, Hummer, and Moon, 2008]), and from fixed camera enforcement on an urban Arizona freeway ([Shin, Washington, and van Schalkwyk, 2009]). The speed limit on the enforced freeway is 65 mph; the enforcement trigger was set to 76 mph. Speed cameras, also called photo radar or automated speed enforcement, operate similarly, recording a vehicle’s speed using radar or other instrumentation and taking a photograph of the vehicle when it exceeds a threshold limit.Several jurisdictions, including the State of Maryland and Cincinnati, Ohio, that previously adopted speed cameras have repealed or considered repealing or restricting their speed-camera laws, following legal challenges, as well as negative sentiment among constituents (“Speed Camera Repeal Effort an Easy Sell,” 2009).For example, the Arizona Department of Public Safety allowed a two-year freeway speed-camera program contract to expire in 2010 (city cameras continue to remain in effect).

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3-12) because local jurisdictions generally contract private firms for the operation of these systems and contract durations vary.Automated enforcement is used in some jurisdictions to reduce red-light running and speeding. Since then, at least 92 jurisdictions (state and local) have adopted automatic enforcement, although speed cameras are not as widely used as red-light cameras.

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