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25-May-2017 20:34

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( And once lost his job (probably)when they found out about his blog) He mentions things like it is possible to get hiv from oral sex if the person has a high viral load or if you have had a recent scrape on your gum or mouth tissue or have had dental work or teeth cleaning recently.Look I don't want to bum you out but if it were me I would want someone to tell me this stuff.

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We both have someone and have no plans of leaving them, but we both want more than we currently have. I'm looking to meet and enjoy mutual pleasure with an attached or single woman.

I wouldn't mind finding a woman that does enjoy sex, but I don't do anything now without protection and getting to know them ahead of time also. Seems to me like she is hooked on some things and I don't think it's in your best interest to keep on playing with that kind of fire, cause sooner or later you get burned and you get something you can't get rid of and I don't think you'd like that at all.

Yes, finding a woman that is great in bed and giving a great bj is one thing, but what she does in other ways, IMHO, isn't worth the trouble.

But the truth is we are living in fucked up and dangerous times with some fucked up and dangerous people.

Array hi any gurl wanna chat or more Water Sport FUN! I know it really sucks to hear about this before you are thinking about trying something that prove new and really exciting and possibly even wonderful.When you're ready you'll go out with your friends and you'll meet someone who want to get to know you because of the vulnerability you show over this breakup. You show some nice female this side of you and it all be worth it. Searching for someone who likes dancing and drinks.