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16-Aug-2016 04:28

You can help to influence Devon County Council's decisions about how future savings are made by telling them your priorities and how they affect your community.Over 3,600 people have visited their website and around 500 have completed a budget priorities survey or attended a consultation event.This review ends on the 29th January 2016Download this as a PDFGood to meet up with Nigel Clarke, Chair, and Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive of the General Pharmaceutical Council today.The role of pharmacists is changing and over future years we can expect to see many more pharmacists working alongside GPs within theirs surgeries and providing a wider range of services directly to the public within surgeries so that patients can seek advice without having to make an appointment with their GP.At the heart of this debate is whether Donald Trump's presence in the UK is conducive to the public good.We have heard repeatedly about the harm, and the hon.In fact, I would argue that, should Donald Trump be excluded from one of the US's oldest allies, that would send a very clear message to the people of the United States about what we feel about those who demonise an entire people for no reason other than their religion.

Nor do I think that the result of the US presidential election will be decided on whether the Home Secretary decides to exclude Donald Trump.Lady, for whom I have a great deal of respect, to consider: how about if we all retain equality in the House of Commons? Why do not they not have a Parliament, one that does not necessarily sit in this House but in one of the other great cities throughout the United Kingdom, where democracy could be seen in action? We could then come back together to this House as equal Members and consider the great reserved issues of foreign affairs, defence and international relations. It is calledfederalism and it seems to work quite adequately in most other nations.