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Our network provides clients better insight across their own organization as well as the ability to learn from the experience of every other provider on the network.Throughout the network, we infuse the knowledge clients need to thrive in a changing industry directly into their workflow, from clinical guidelines to payer rules.), to me, it feels like you’re moving at a snail’s pace. Our plan was to meet up with Route 50 at the Indiana border, so we sucked it up and bolted across Ohio in about 4 hours or so. Had we really gunned across 4 hours of Ohio interstate for this?About the only thing of note: we stopped at Panera for lunch, where I encountered these two ladies engaged in an activity one of you readers is going to have to explain to me. Then we crossed the river into Aurora, Indiana, and any depression in my veins was washed away by the eternal power of a Main Street that had seemingly been frozen in time.

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Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital (Downers Grove, Ill.).

They had a small electronic scale, and some sort of meter with a probe attachment, and were carefully going over a bunch of somethings in a little plastic bag. Places like Aurora are true treasures – incredibly well-preserved small towns that are still largely serving the local interest. When we arrived at around 4pm, Aurora was nearly completely deserted.

I’m from the north-east, where such places are generally preserved as tourist destinations, guaranteed to be around so long as visitors continue streaming in to buy overpriced rock candy at the North Conway, NH General Store, or unwanted knicknacks at the Rockport, Mass. All the stores were closed, and other than a few locals sitting on rocking chairs down the street, there wasn’t a soul around.

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Sponsored By: athenahealth® partners with hospital and ambulatory clients to drive clinical and financial results.This is one of the most beautiful all-American car garages I’ve ever seen, just around the corner on Main Street.