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“That individual is not a suspect.” When investigators began looking into reports of child molestation and attempted child abductions, that individual was interviewed, Mitchell said. Also, unlike in the United States, there are no public sex offender disclosure laws in Germany. Germany and most European nations don’t maintain public sex offender registries.No one in USAFE has been forced to move off base or been denied base housing since mandatory disclosure began, Mitchell said. sex offenders who come to Germany with the military, whether on active-duty or as a family member, would not have to report their status to German authorities, said Helmut Bleh, chief prosecutor for the city of Kaiserslautern, home to the largest U. Germany, however, maintains a private database of the names of convicted sex offenders, to which criminal prosecutors and law enforcement officials have access, said Rudolf Egg, a forensic psychology professor and director of the Center for Criminology in Wiesbaden, Germany.The new rules are particularly significant for overseas bases, which currently lack public sex offender registries and notification laws common in the United States.While military officials say it’s unlikely a servicemember would remain on active duty after a court-martial conviction on a sexual offense, especially one of a violent nature, they point out that military family members and civilian employees often have access to base housing.However, because the sex offender form is only required of those applying for base housing, there is no way to track those living off base. USAFE has asked the Air Force to examine the legal and policy issues associated with implementing a screening program that would identify sex offenders before they receive orders to move overseas, said an Air Force official speaking on background.

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“Their privacy interests would likely lead us not to release individual names or addresses” or other specific details, Mitchell said.

In 2006, the lack of an overseas sex offender registry at bases abroad emerged as a leading issue from an Army Family Action Plan conference in U. In 2009, the secretary of the Army expanded the issue to address sex offender management across the Army, according to Army officials.

The Army is looking at requiring any registered sex offender who works or lives on post to register with the provost marshal office, Prince said.

Those services also prohibit sex offenders from occupying base housing, as per guidance issued in 2008.

The Army is also evaluating whether to screen military households for convicted sex offenders before moving them overseas, said Paul Prince, an Army spokesman at the Pentagon, in an email. Conference recommendations included requiring all sex offenders holding a DOD identification card who are assigned or residing overseas to be entered into a registry comparable to those in the United States.

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