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In India among Hindus, it was allowed only by Hindu marriage act, 1955.

Before the passing of the act divorce was not recognized by Hindu Law.

If they desire amendment, Allah will make them of one mind.

The Quran permits divorce partly because of some countenance to the customs and partly to enable men get rid of an odious union.

Although the Act allowed a woman approach the court for divorce, it did not curb the mans right to divorce his wife orally and unilaterally.

The next step was the Muslim Women (Protection on Divorce) Act, which was enacted only in 1986 after the Shah Bano controversy. The laws, passed in 19, were not the result of a concerted effort towards reforms.

Among almost all the nations of antiquity, divorce was regarded as a natural corollary or marital rights. In England divorce was introduced only 100 years back.

Even though the provision of divorce was recognized in all religions Islam perhaps the first religion in the world which has expressly recognised the termination of marriage by way of divorce.

There should be a proposal or `offer,` made by or on behalf of one of the two parties; The Muslim marriage law also states that to have a valid marriage under the Muslim law, if a person is of sound mind, normal and has attained puberty at the age of 15 his or her marriage cannot be performed without his or her consent.This law prescribed the right to maintenance for a Muslim woman after her divorce. They were more a result of reactions by the conservatives who saw reforms in personal law as an infringement on their right to religion and a threat to their male identity.Different courts interpreted the law differently and some women even continued to take resort to the Cr. Marriages, as they define, are made in heaven and solemnized on earth.In reality, each sect in the Muslim community continued to follow its own traditions and customs.

Moreover, there was opposition to a codified law for all Muslims from certain quarters who were benefiting from the customary practices.Divorce among the ancient Arabs was easy and of frequent occurrence.

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