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29-Jul-2017 10:14

As you might expect, 24-hour news networks are streaming live TV.But so are entertainment networks, sports networks, home and garden networks, and many more.For starters, with a streaming media player or stick (starting at a one-time cost ranging between -0), you can watch hundreds of channels with thousands of TV shows, news programs and movies for very little cost. Another big upside is that shows are available to watch when you want.You don't have to rearrange your schedule to catch the latest episode.

You can find newscasts that do that, like "CBS Evening News," but you won't find many others.

And you can often binge watch a series or season straight through from beginning to end. You turn on your TV and your streaming media player, and then you scroll through dozens of menus and hundreds of options for your next TV show or movie to watch. It might make you miss the days of TV where you could just turn it on and watch whatever was available.

An increasing number of streaming TV networks understand that feeling, which is why you're starting to see streaming networks offering "live TV" options, many for free.

Now, TV has some of the best content out there, even more so than movies.

You can find highly produced shows like "The Walking Dead" and "Fargo" that have complex story lines, multi-dimensional characters, and casts carrying armfuls of Emmy awards.

On some streaming media players, like Roku, you can choose the Live TV option.