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01-Oct-2016 09:35

But according to Human Rights Watch there is now evidence that Sunni Arab women are now being targeted too with one victim telling the group how she was raped everyday for a month in front of her children.ISIS, which proclaimed a 'caliphate' straddling Iraq and Syria in June 2014, claims to follow a pure brand of Sunni Islam as it was practised in the time of Prophet Mohammed.Come take a trip through the underbelly of the Middle East where group sex is the norm and the boys (19 ) make eye contact while they suck you dry. This is an Arab and Gulf chat social network that warmly welcomes foreigners from every country around the world.

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'The same guy raped me every day for the next month without a blindfold, always in front of my children,' Hanan told HRW.'My daughter suffers from an intellectual disability so she doesn’t really understand what she saw, but my older son brings it up often.Fawzia, 45, from Daquq said her house was occupied by three fighters after her husband fled to avoid being used as an ISIS spy.

What I don't know is how her husband will feel about it. Aside from the little matter of her marital status, she also believes I have a wife, but she doesn't care.… continue reading »

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