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However, his thinking is clear enough to play complicated video games, read tons of books, and watch movies.

I can understand that having sex (which we have about once month now) is painful for him, and I have accepted that.

As further layers build up, the pressure increases, and at about 1500 m the crystal structure of the ice changes from hexagonal to cubic, allowing air molecules to move into the cubic crystals and form a clathrate.

But what I keep thinking is that, he doesn't show affection because he's not really in love with me, and I can't make someone love me. My bf and I we're very affectionate to each other and have sex almost everywhere and everytime were together and that was 3years ago. He's way older than me and I'm young, Im fit, I still look sexy and hot as what most people told me. I was very suicidal but I always thought about my son.

And I'm talking about simple things like hugging, a little caress on the arm, a squeeze of my hand.

At one time about a year into our relationship, I started to feel strongly that his lack of affection was a definite red flag that he wasn't in love with me anymore (the suspicion that, with him being a single father, he was just interested in finding a mother for his daughter did cross my mind).

Depths of over 400 m were reached, a record which was extended in the 1960s to 2164 m at Byrd Station in Antarctica.

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Soviet ice drilling projects in Antarctica include decades of work at Vostok Station, with the deepest core reaching 3769 m.Numerous other deep cores in the Antarctic have been completed over the years, including the West Antarctic Ice Sheet project, and cores managed by the British Antarctic Survey and the International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition.