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On Jaeger’s first trip to Ho’okipa at 13, he hid the tail of his board because he was so embarrassed it was so different.”Ultra Core is Starboard’s proprietary sandwich core material that’s 30% stronger, 40% stiffer and 10% lighter than conventional PVC sandwich cores.Ultra Core allows Starboard to build boards up to 1.2 kg lighter than our 2016 models.The two smallest sizes (72, 76) are shapes by Mark and Jaeger Stone.

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With curve under my back foot and speed under my front it enabled my surfing style to work in sync with the board.These features are usually divided into two categories: Type A are sloping shore platforms, that slope gently between about 1° and 5°; and Type B are horizontal shore platforms, are found where waves have exposed the surface of a flat or gently dipping resistant rock formation, usually a bedding plane.Shore platforms can be characterized by a number of lower-scale features, which are due to the presence of particular rock structures or environmental conditions (e.g., different lithological properties along the platform or strong wave action). The debate on the processes shaping shore platforms results in uncertainty regarding the elevation of platforms with respect to sea level.Now we had a board that loved the bottom turn and you could focus purely on a grippy top turn.

It all came together and the surfing sailboard was born.If the inner margin is masked by subsequent marine or continental deposition, it is evidenced by a break in slope, and the uncertainty associated to the past sea level is higher.