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27-Oct-2016 09:52

Globally, an estimated 1.8 million people died of TB in 2015, at least 3 people per minute, of whom 0.4 million were co-infected with HIV.

Although the number of TB deaths fell by 22% between 20, TB remained 1 of the top 10 causes of death worldwide in 2015, responsible for more deaths than HIV and malaria, the WHO says.

Hence, applying molecular techniques for diagnosis of zoonotic tuberculosis in developing countries will help in decreasing the incidence, prevalence, mortality, morbidity and loss of economic due to carcass condemnation, milk drop and livestock trade banning in the continent.

Advanced molecular methods truly play a key role in prevention and control program of tuberculosis in general and bovine tuberculosis in specific, which leads to the cooperation of various disciplines.

It is considered as a “neglected zoonotic diseases” [1-9], where it, remains as a fundamental problem.

Despite the wide distribution, it is uncommon to get control measures programs in animals or pasteurization of milk in most areas of developing countries, especially in pastorals community.

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Visit for more related articles at Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods Mycobacterium bovis is the main causal agent of bovine tuberculosis (BTB) that causes zoonotic tuberculosis (TB) in humans, even though M.From 2014 to 2015, the rate of decline in TB incidence worldwide remained at only 1.5%.